Finding the Best Contractors for Home and Business Renovations

Finding the Best Contractors for Home and Business Renovations
February 19, 2021

Home and business renovations can be time-consuming, disruptive, and expensive. You may have to relocate for part or all of the time contractors are working on your home. Your business may have to suspend services or make significant accommodations to continue operating during renovations.

Renovation projects rarely finish on time or on budget, which can compound your stress. One way to minimize renovation stress is to find professional contractors who you trust. Continue reading to learn about the roles of different contractors, how to find the best contractors, and how they can contribute to your home or business renovations.

Turn to real estate professionals.

Whether you recently bought your home or rented a space for your business, you’ve probably worked with a real estate agent at some point. Real estate agents help clients navigate the buying and selling process. Some also handle rental agreements. Talk to your realtor about your renovation needs, and ask for recommendations. Real estate agents are familiar with the area and may work with clients purchasing fixer-uppers who need to hire contractors. They also interact with home inspectors and can get referrals from people who evaluate the work performed by contractors.

You can also get ideas by going to an open house. Touring a display house for sale can give you ideas about layout and design. You can also see different materials first-hand, which can help you make decisions about countertops, flooring, and cabinetry. Builders construct display homes. Some builders offer the option of rebuilding an existing property. Touring one of their show homes during an open house is an excellent way to evaluate their work.

Talk to friends and family who’ve had home or business renovations.


Talk to family members in the area who’ve hired contractors to perform repairs or renovate their property. Whether you’re looking for the perfect addition to add square feet to your house for a home-based business or hope to transform an existing space in your home, referrals are a great way to locate contractors. Friends and family members won’t refer any contractors who did subpar work. They won’t want to hear complaints from you about issues with the contractors they recommend, so they’ll be honest about the quality of the work you can expect.

Perhaps you’re renovating your barbershop or salon. Another barber may have hired professionals to move barber chairs and other salon equipment. Your salon equipment provider may also be able to recommend local experts who can help you relocate your equipment. Salon owners invest a lot of money in expensive chairs with headrests and footrests, so it’s crucial to find installers who can relocate these items without damaging them.

Check reputable business referral sites.

The Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List offer feedback on local contractors. Whether you’re looking for plumbers, architects, painters, electricians, or drywall installers, you can use credible industry sites to learn about complaints against contractors. The Better Business Bureau website has a search feature. Input a company name to generate a list of all the site’s information, including their Better Business Bureau rating and consumer reviews. The Better Business Bureau covers companies in the United States and Canada.

Talk to your attorney.


Lawyers provide legal counsel to their clients. You may consult your lawyer for legal advice about contracts or lawsuits. Your lawyer can also help you deal with your insurance company if they deny a claim. Lawyers have specializations, which means a personal injury attorney would handle a lawsuit when personal injury results in a loss of life. Personal injury attorneys focus on medical malpractice, wrongful death cases, and cases where negligence causes bodily harm.

Your lawyer may not be able to disclose confidential information about other clients. Still, they may be able to provide informed advice about contractors you shouldn’t hire if they’ve handled lawsuits against contractors. Contract lawyers can review hiring contracts and identify any potential legal concerns before you enter an agreement with a contractor.

Hiring professional contractors can reduce the likelihood that renovations will exceed your budget or take longer than necessary. You can ensure you hire the best contractors for your renovation projects by obtaining referrals from real estate professionals, family members, friends, business referral sites, and lawyers.

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