5 Reasons You Should Be Using Solar Power

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Solar Power
May 11, 2020

Solar power provides enormous benefits to homeowners and the planet. If you’re debating installing solar panels, here are five reasons why it’s a great idea.

It’s good for the environment

Everyone knows solar energy is good for the environment. Solar power is renewable energy, so installing solar panels on your home will help reduce climate change. Clean energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, air pollution, or water pollution which benefits the planet and its inhabitants.

Doing our part to stop climate change will ensure that the world continues to exist for many years. Pollution is a problem that needs to be conquered, so people can focus on other issues. When you’re rebuilding after a disaster like Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Katrina, you don’t want to worry about other environmental issues. Do your part to keep the planet healthy.


There are great financing options

Many people love the idea of solar panels but aren’t sure how financing solar power works. There are several simple solar financing options. You can use a home equity loan or refinance your current home loan. If you’ve been vigilant about making extra monthly payments on your mortgage, you could use your loan’s redraw facility. This would allow you to use the money you’ve already invested in your mortgage to finance your solar panels.

You’ll want to consider the financial benefits of each option and decide what will work best for you.

The professionals can explain your new monthly payment as well as the tax credits you can receive once you have a solar energy system. A one-time investment in solar energy will provide you with endless benefits as you see your electric bill become extremely low or nonexistent.


It’s easy to install

Solar energy is fairly easy to have installed. After you purchase your system, an installer will evaluate your home and help you complete the necessary permits. He or she will determine the best placement of panels for your home as well as exactly how much sunlight is available in your area. Then the professionals will come out and install your panels. Working with the right people makes the entire process easy and the company can even explain the potential tax credits to you if you’re still confused.


It increases your home’s value

Installing a solar panel system in your home will not only reduce your electric bill but will also increase your home’s value. In America, solar panels can improve the value of your home by 4.1 percent, which is an increase of a little over $9,000 on a $226,300 home. This percentage fluctuates depending on where you live, with some sunnier areas seeing a boost of 5.4 percent, This amount should cover a lot of the costs associated with buying and installing solar panels, which means you’ll see benefits for as long as you continue to live in the house.

After a few years, you’ll recover the cost of your initial investment, which means that when you sell, all the added value goes straight to your wallet. This makes solar energy a great option for property owners who have just bought their home and are looking at the best option for the long run.


You’ll feel better, physically and mentally

When you convert to solar energy, you’re doing your part to decrease the world’s production of greenhouse gases and pollutants. You’re contributing to a healthier world, and when we reduce pollutants, we make ourselves and everyone else healthier. In just the United States, if 27% of electricity demand is met by solar power, the country would cut back on unnecessary health costs and save more than 25,000 lives. With fewer pollutants in the air, you’ll be healthier, and by contributing to this goal, you’ll be fulfilled.


Solar energy is a great option for anyone looking to invest in something that provides huge financial and health benefits. Discuss your financing options with your lender today.

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