Why Should I Use Banner Solutions for My Hardware Needs?

Why Should I Use Banner Solutions for My Hardware Needs?
December 20, 2021

Whether you’re a hardware store looking to keep a wide variety of door and locking hardware in stock or a contractor who buys in bulk to keep up with the high demand in the home-building industry, you’re going to need a quality hardware wholesaler to keep up with incoming orders and projects. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for many commercial business owners to find a wholesaler they can depend on to deliver quality products at affordable prices on time. As a result, business owners are often left awaiting their shipments while losing customers over out-of-stock items.

However, this isn’t the case when it comes to Banner Solutions. Instead, Banner Solutions strives to redefine the term “wholesaler” while still offering the product variety, speed, and network to outmatch the competition. Their goal is to change the way wholesalers and their customers interact by providing a more in-depth, personalized experience for each customer. As a result, they create relationships with their clients that are built to last as long as their hardware solutions.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at Banner Solutions and why you should use them for your hardware needs. Let’s get started.

Residential Door Hardware


This company can help you whether your customer needs hardware with a high-end design or if they’re simply looking for the best deal for their residential security hardware. Banner Solutions offers the door hardware variety to allow you to maintain high security in your customers’ door installations while coordinating styles and finishes to best meet their design needs as well. They carry a wide variety of brands, including Kwikset and Schlage, which offer plenty of customization options, such as finishes, levers, knobs, and trim designs. Not to mention, this company keeps enough variety in stock to meet any residential home design, including traditional and contemporary homes. So no matter what your customers seek, this company has a solution for everyone.

In addition, this wholesaler also offers a wide selection of smart lock options. While access control is more prevalent in the commercial sector, more and more homeowners are beginning to integrate smart lock systems into their homes. As a result, there’s currently a high demand for integrated keypads and smart lock technology in residential door hardware. Banner Solutions provides residential locksets offering Bluetooth-controlled deadbolts, integrated keypads, and even locking systems that can be controlled with a mobile phone app.

Commercial Door Hardware


Homeowners aren’t the only ones looking for quality door hardware. Commercial businesses often need options like door levers, doorknobs, deadbolts, exit devices, door closers, hinges, and much more. Not to mention, access control integration is a highly popular commercial hardware choice. The good news is that Banner Solutions offers all of these hardware needs and more. No matter your commercial clients’ needs, this company provides a large-enough selection to accommodate their security needs, design needs, and budgets so you can focus on delivering a top-quality service.

Banner Solutions even offers gate hardware for your commercial customers. Many people overlook gate hardware as something to put much thought into. However, a gate is just another access point into your commercial client’s property, so it still needs to be secured. This wholesaler offers traditional latches, closers, and even no-weld gate hardware for fast and straightforward installation. So, if you’ve been avoiding gates in your business’s hardware portfolio, you can rely on Banner Solutions to provide the hardware you need to help your commercial clients.

A New Kind of Wholesaler

Banner Solutions is a new kind of wholesaler with personalized service taking center stage. This company not only offers a wide assortment of residential and commercial door hardware products but also assists each of its clients at a personal level to ensure the best experience possible. In addition, they have a combined network of distribution centers that serve over 75 percent of the United States with next-day delivery.

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