How To Compare Electricity Providers for Game Server Hosting

How To Compare Electricity Providers for Game Server Hosting
March 18, 2021

The first video game was invented in the 1950s, but video games gained popularity in the 1970s with Pong’s release. Over the past 50 years, video games and gaming systems have become more sophisticated. Popular games and gaming sites attract millions of players from around the world.

In 2020, the video game industry generated $60.4 billion in the United States. This industry includes game developers, gaming system designers and developers, and online gaming sites, such as Twitch. Video game server sites have unique needs, and it’s crucial to understand how game servers work to find the best electric supplier for your game server hosting company.

Video game hosting sites need dedicated servers.

Many websites share site hosting services. This means other sites that share your hosting services can affect your website. If one of the other sites generates a high volume of traffic and downloads, it could cause other sites to run slowly. Game server hosting companies need sites with high bandwidth to prevent downtime. With dedicated server hosting, game hosting companies can ensure the reliability of their site. The dedicated host configuration can be designed to suit the company’s unique business needs to ensure maximum uptime. Effective dedicated servers offer control panels that work effectively with multiple operating systems, ensuring the company’s current equipment will be compatible with their dedicated hosting service. Dedicated servers also offer technical support to help address any technical issues that arise. Game hosting sites, such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming, need dedicated servers to eliminate lag time and ensure players enjoy an optimal gaming experience.

Video game hosting companies need appropriate security.


Video game hosting is accessible through the internet. Game hosting sites may be affected by hackers who access client data. Hackers can use this data to steal identities or financial information. When companies are hacked, they may lose clientele or face lawsuits from clients whose information was stolen, which is why it’s crucial to have an appropriate firewall in place to prevent unauthorized access or system tampering. Dedicated servers are more secure than shared servers, but companies should still ensure appropriate safety tools are used to protect business and client data from theft.

Hackers may also hijack a company’s website and system. Some hackers set a ransom for the site’s release, while other hackers hijack sites to set up phishing scams so they can steal client information.

Game hosting businesses need a reliable power supply.

Game server hosts may operate thousands of individual servers simultaneously. These companies rely on reliable electric services to meet their clients’ needs. They must factor in their electric bill’s cost when setting hosting costs to ensure they charge enough to turn a profit.

Game server hosting companies can compare electricity costs with a comparison tool. The tool prompts users to enter their zip code. The user then determines if they’re looking for natural gas, natural gas, and electric, or just electric service. Once the user clarifies they’re looking for an energy provider for their business, they provide other relevant data, such as whether they have solar panels on their building and who their current energy provider is. The tool generates a list of energy providers and identifies their standard electric rate, whether your business may qualify for a discount and the estimated cost of electricity per year. You can use this information to find the best rate available.

The company’s image may influence its decisions.

Environmental concerns are prompting more individuals and businesses to use renewable energy. Game server hosting businesses may opt to market their company as an environmentally-friendly server hosting company and prioritize working with energy providers who use renewable energy. These companies may also opt to invest in solar panels to offset the cost of electricity. If your server hosting company emphasizes environmentally-friendly operating policies, it will be important to review data about each potential energy provider you could use to determine which companies use renewable energy.

Game server hosting companies provided dedicated servers for gaming sites. These businesses need a reliable energy source to ensure their servers stay online and operate effectively to meet client needs.

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