Customer Service Tools That Every SEO Agency Needs

Customer Service Tools That Every SEO Agency Needs
April 2, 2021

No matter the industry, every professional brand and organization depends on solid customer service. In today’s business world, the digital capabilities of online sales for both goods and services (as well as the impact of online influencers and social media customer feedback and reviews) have driven a concurrent demand for faster, more accurate customer satisfaction. Likewise, search engine optimization (SEO) has made online visibility a necessity.

To meet these demands, companies can look to software platforms geared towards the customer experience, enabling brands to use technology to their advantage in personalizing outreach and service. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than with the state-of-the-art voice of the customer programs and software, as well as similar advances in outreach and SEO. Here, we will look at a few of the customer service tools that every SEO agency needs to empower their clients’ goals.

Voice of the Customer and Client Feedback


Within the business world, turning the customer experience into a valuable learning tool has always been among the best practices for organizations to assemble a marketing action plan. While focus groups, customer interviews, and sentiment analysis have always been invaluable for product development, as well as securing customer loyalty and retention, the methods have evolved with new technologies. In today’s environment, voice of the customer (VoC) is, perhaps, the most effective for insight and strengthening the customer relationship.

Successful voice of customer programs can provide a wealth of benefits for any SEO agency that enables their many functions into an ongoing client program. Optimizing online surveys or phone-enabled voice recordings, VoC programs can utilize proactive social listening in order to garner details on customer needs, previous customer experiences, and an overall understanding of what drives individuals towards or away from a brand’s services. In return, an SEO agency can use that VoC data for creating ideal keywords on behalf of their client’s online presence, with the voice of the customer profiles having sculpted the most common phrases and customer necessities during an online search.

A successful VoC program is ideal for ensuring client success in two of the most important areas of modern business. By isolating true customer success stories, valuable insight can be attained for the development of new products and their eventual SEO marketing strategy based on keyword strength. In addition, a VoC solution improves overall customer service by allowing an organization to learn first-hand the customers’ expectations and preferences. Both of these benefits are crucial for any SEO agency to successfully empower their clients in an arena of many competitors, all of whom are geared towards customer retention.

SEO Management Software and Client Needs


Although SEO agencies conduct their own hands-on research and methodology for meeting clients’ needs, there are automated software platforms available that can work concurrently with an SEO team for maximum efficiency. SEO tools come in numerous varieties and have different features, but all industry-standard keyword trackers aim to enhance a marketing team’s turnaround in analyzing customer data. A great way to remain customer-centric while helping a client construct an SEO-heavy product launch is to combine data pruned from VoC efforts and utilize that data within content creation. A high-quality SEO management software solution will have all the needed automated features to put this type of strategy into action.

As far as utilizing SEO tools as an effective way to boost a client’s customer service protocols, it’s important to remember that a reliable SEO software solution will also provide a product feature allowing online keyword searches on that topic. Sample survey questions surrounding customer experience and customer feedback, the right questions that a customer service representative should be integrating into their customer support techniques, and data garnered by referrals can all be found through SEO. This can allow an SEO agency to shape a proper customer service strategy for their own clients moving forward, assisting in a better customer experience and long-term brand loyalty.

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