Downsizing From a House to an Apartment for a Simpler Lifestyle

Downsizing From a House to an Apartment for a Simpler Lifestyle
October 14, 2021

Apartment living is a great lifestyle for many who are looking for a package deal or a life in a bustling city. Downtown living almost demands the change to an apartment in many locales, yet apartments aren’t what they used to be—or what many people might imagine them to be.

The fact is the downsizing and moving into an apartment might be the perfect change of pace for your lifestyle and needs. With this guide to apartment living and the benefits that it can offer, making this decision doesn’t have to feel like a shot in the dark.

Apartment life can help you declutter.


One of the great benefits that can come through life in an apartment is the ability to declutter and bring along only the things you actually need. Apartment dwellers have no need for a lawnmower, many don’t drive, and exterior decorations for holidays are a thing of the past as well.

Eliminating the expense and clutter of these items can be a freeing experience for many homeowners who are tired of the headache that these essentials in a suburban residence bring. Looking to find storage near St. Petersburg or your local area is a must, though, during the transition from home to an apartment. A storage unit can help you organize your belongings during the transition period and move-in. Leaving behind the bulky items or those that you are planning to sell or donate in a storage facility can give you the breathing room you need to decorate and furnish your new living space in the apartment. The simplicity of apartment living can be the breath of fresh air that you’ve been looking for.

Apartments provide a unique sense of community.


In addition to the clutter-busting effect of apartment living, this style of a home provides residents with a boosted communal feeling. This is where speaking with a realtor will really come in as a powerful asset. Oakland real estate agents are well-versed in the apartment and home market of their local area, and they can help you find the perfect building to take up residence in as well. Speaking with a realtor can give you a sense of the neighborhood you’re considering—or even a crash course on areas that best suit your needs based on a shortlist of priorities. Likewise, realtors have a sense of the type of individuals or families that live in any particular area or building and can help you make a decision between competing apartments based on additional intrinsic factors.

Apartments live in the center of the action.


Not only are you getting a great community space when you move into a building instead of a suburban home, but you also put yourself right in the center of the action. Apartments are often located in the city or community center of smaller areas. This gives you a far better commute to work, entertainment spaces, and much of the action that takes place in the city itself. Rather than having to get into town and then make your way to concerts, sporting events, and more, you already live right in the thick of it and can traverse the town as you see fit.

Apartment living is fast-paced but also laidback. There’s no onus to get into the city on a regular basis because you live right in the middle of it all. You can take some time for yourself and stay in to meditate, binge watches your favorite series, or take a long, calming bath. Or, you can step right out onto the street and engage your adventurous side without having to take time off, plan in advance, or set aside additional cash or time to make a plan come together.

Apartment living is uniquely wonderful. Consider an apartment for your next move.

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