10 Gift Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts

10 Gift Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts
November 2, 2020

Whether you’re shopping for your employees and coworkers or your family and friends, picking out the right tech gift can show that you pay attention to their interests and care enough to get them something exciting. While new business cards or a personalized pencil holder or stationery set can make great employee gifts, there’s no rule against getting them something more technologically advanced. You can personalize tech-based gifts with high-resolution photos of fun times you and your coworkers have had as well! To help get your tech-related shopping going, we’ve put together a list of gifts that those tech enthusiasts in your life will love.

1. Photo Storage

If you’ve got a coworker who seems to always have to delete photos from their camera roll before they can take a new picture, give them the gift of intuitive picture storage so they can spend less time deleting old pictures and more time taking new ones. Cloud-based photo storage is a great way to organize the millions of pictures they take, and with unlimited storage, the cloud storage you gift them will allow your coworker to keep up their photography without worrying about clogging up their Google photos, iCloud, or Dropbox. Unlimited cloud storage is basically the gift of peace of mind for a photography enthusiast.

2. A Portable Charger


Today, most things are done on some type of device. From Zoom meetings and phone calls to social media and online shopping, it’s no wonder we feel like we’re constantly attached to a charger even though our devices are mostly wireless. If you know someone who’s constantly asking to borrow a charger, get them a multi-device portable power bank that they can rely on to carry their devices through their busy day.

3. A Smartphone Printer

Being able to print photos straight from a mobile device while on the go has never been easier than it is now. With beautiful print quality and a direct connection to your smartphone, a compact smartphone printer is a perfect gift to help preserve those special moments.

4. An Ergonomic Mouse


In 2020, a lot of us saw our home office where we spend our downtime become our full-time office for remote work. If you know someone who works where they play and could give their hands a break, an ergonomic gaming mouse is a great option. With their hand in a more natural position as they work their way through their day job or fight their way through a raid, your gaming friend will feel more comfortable and can worry a little less about the long-term detrimental effects from all of that clicking.

5. Smartphone Sanitizer

Let’s face it — phones are kind of gross. They’re the kind of gross that you don’t even want to think about for too long because it’s just that gross. Help your friend or coworker cut back on the Lysol wipes and get them a UV phone sanitizer instead. This device is portable and compact and charges as it sanitizes, leaving your phone germ-free and ready for use.

6. A Smart Mug

The only thing worse than skipping your morning coffee is remembering your coffee only when it’s gone cold. Help that person who’s regularly running to the microwave to reheat their cold coffee and gift them a Smart Mug. Their coffee will stay just the right temperature for over an hour, so they can have hot coffee by their side to fuel their day.

7. An Upgrade on Nostalgia

Some tech enthusiasts are particular about their devices, so it might be hard to shop seriously for them. Instead, get them something fun like a smart Rubik’s Cube, and level up the fun they can have with this connected take on a classic puzzle. Get one for yourself, download the app, and battle it out together for a bit of competitive fun.

8. An Update to Their eReader


If you’ve got a bookworm in your life, chances are they always have a book with them for those “just in case” moments. A Kindle Fire 7 is a great gift for those who love to read, stream, or play games on the go, without having to lug around a copy of the latest bestseller.

9. An All-in-One Charging Station

We all know someone who seems to have so many devices. Which likely means that they have an abundance or cords and chargers lying around their house. Help them keep all of their chargers and devices in one convenient place and get them a charging dock that can charge up to six devices at once!

10. A Smart Measuring Tool

For those who are tech-savvy and have an eye for design, a Bluetooth measuring tool is a great choice. Using laser technology and an augmented reality planning app, this device will help your friend or team member measure accurately design without moving any furniture until it’s ready, and so much more, all with just a measuring device (which is just about the size of a tape measure) and their phone.

As technology progresses, it seems like there’s a device out there for every activity, as well as so many more devices to keep those running smoothly. Take a look at what your friends or coworkers seem to like best, and consider appealing to their tech-savvy side with a unique gift to match their interests. And maybe get a little something for yourself too!

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