How Tax Return Folders Can Keep You Organized

How Tax Return Folders Can Keep You Organized
February 9, 2022

People pay a lot of taxes during their lifetime. States charge sales tax on most purchases, while some counties and cities also charge sales tax. Counties and cities generate revenue from property taxes and school taxes, and residents must pay income taxes to their states and the federal government.

Since dealing with taxes involves money, many people find it stressful to do their taxes. While filing early and listening to music may alleviate some stress, there are also practical resources you can utilize to simplify the process of preparing and filing your taxes. Let’s look at tax return folders and how you can use these folders to stay organized.

Tax Return Folders


Tax return folders are presentation folders made from heavy paper or linen paper. Heavier paper is more durable and harder to bend. Manufacturers typically use 80 lb or 100 lb paper to make presentation folders.

You can choose from various options when ordering tax return folders. These folders come in assorted colors, including black, maroon, and green. Exact color options vary based on the type of paper and folder design. Consumers can choose folders with foil-stamped words on the front of windows that display information. Companies and accountants may opt to order presentation folders with their business information printed outside in ink.

Consumers can also select folders with one pocket inside or two pockets. Folder pockets are handy for storage, enabling you to place papers inside your folders without worrying they’ll fall out. You can also select designs with business card slits inside, enabling you to store a business card with tax documents. The slits are handy for tax preparers supplying clients with tax documents and individuals who want to keep their accountant’s contact information with their paperwork.

Staying Organized


Over 1.3 million accountants and auditors worked in the United States in 2020. Many of these financial experts prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses, and they can use tax folders to organize information. Folders enable tax preparers to separate documents for different clients.

Presentation folders are the perfect option when presenting clients with their tax returns. Tax preparers can have their company information printed on the front, helping clients keep track of their documents, so they don’t misplace their accountant’s contact information. Printed folders also provide a personal touch and look professional.

Tax preparers and individuals use the presentation folders to store and separate documents. For example, someone who has a job and runs a sole proprietorship in their spare time may use a pocket to store their W-2 and income reports from their business while using the other pocket to store receipts for business expenses they can claim when filing.

Other Resources


Tax software folders have windows compatible with software programs. You can use correlating software to print a page with essential information displayed in the windows. These presentation folders are an excellent option for individuals doing their taxes who don’t want to pay to have personal information printed on the front of their presentation folders.

Tax return envelopes are ideal for mailing your returns. You can also use envelopes to store documents throughout the year, such as receipts and income records. Consumers can choose envelopes with windows compatible with their software program. There are also envelopes business owners can use to mail W-2s to employees.

You may need W-2 forms, 1099 forms, 1094 forms, and 1095 forms to complete your taxes. The number and type of forms will depend on whether you have to supply tax documents to employees and provide health insurance.

Tax return folders have pockets to store documents, enabling you to keep track of receipts, tax forms, and tax return paperwork. Tax preparers can use presentation folders to separate client documents and ensure they’ve provided clients with contact information.

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