5 Tips to Know Before Renovating a Warehouse

5 Tips to Know Before Renovating a Warehouse
February 18, 2019

Warehouses are important storage locations that are important to many businesses. While they are not often visited, it is still vital to properly maintain them so that they can be accessed safely and so that the contents stored within them are not damaged. In other words, warehouses need not be pretty, but they need to be functional for long periods of time. Inevitably, they will eventually need maintenance. Here are some tips that will help you if you think your warehouse could use some remodeling.

You should go through the warehouse and make sure you find everything that needs remodeling. Then, based on your time and budget,  prioritize the renovations that you think will be the most important. To look at this from another angle, if something doesn’t need remodeling, you shouldn’t waste money fixing something that isn’t broken. If you are using installment loans with no credit check, you already got a great deal, so you want to be as efficient with your budget as you can be so you don’t run out of money for the renovations that truly matter.

Though it may sound obvious to say so, you should also make sure your warehouse is still capable of adequately storing what it was intended to store in the first place. If you are storing clothing, you face far fewer requirements than if you were storing things like candles or food. Goods that are not temperature sensitive or perishable are less trouble to store so this may not end up being a problem, but you should always be aware of the limits of your warehouse’s contents in terms of humidity or other environmental factors.

Don’t be afraid to make the warehouse easier to work in, either, as employee morale is important. If your warehouse was constructed confusingly or there are workplace hazards that have not been addressed when they could have been, you might have to deal with a higher turnover rate in addition to possible OSHA inspections down the line. This isn’t to say that employee comfort needs to stop when they leave the main storage area. It might not be a bad idea to include commercial wood doors to a break room, for example, to change up the monotony of the industrial aesthetic of a warehouse.

Zoning regulations are also important to keep track of when renovating your warehouse. If you were previously using a building mainly suited for a purpose other than storing things, then you might have to worry about the land zoning of a particular area. Additionally, if you want to convert any portion of the warehouse to a living space, you need to pay attention to the residential zoning laws that govern the locality around your warehouse.

Taking employee input is a good idea, as well, as few people will know what specific features of the warehouse annoys the employees than the employees themselves. Even if you are not able to get feedback representative of the workforce you expect to work at your warehouse, a fair amount of information on the subject of what they might appreciate in a warehouse already exists, and doing research specifically on this subject may be helpful. Whether through casual conversation or formal surveys, making changes based on employee feedback will likely reduce employee turnover.

Ultimately, deciding what should be renovated is your call. If you think something needs to be improved, you should do some preliminary research before moving forward with expending money in your budget. You will likely be better off making the wrong renovation than no renovation, of course, but if you come up with a plan then you will be better off overall.

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